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Why Us
A family Business

Farr Business & Finance is a fully independent family run brokerage and consultancy.

Founded by Nigel Farr in 2007, the business been involved in some exciting projects, some of which are involved in case studies section. We have a number of investments in private companies which gives us insight across a range of sectors.

Farr Finance have some detailed experience in Rental, Passenger Transport, Waste & Recycling, Energy from Waste, Engineering, Vehicle Transport, Leisure projects, Issues relating to retail and the Restaurant business amongst others.

It is fair to say that whilst these sectors are on the face of it entirely different, the issues faced are largely the same.
Nigel Farr
Studied Accountancy before spending over 25 years in banking. A prize winner in the Finance & Leasing Association exams Nigel’s experience in the bank included heading up Asset, Invoice and Trade finance alongside Treasury and the traditional banking products.

As Group CEO of London Hire Ltd which has tripled to over £20m under Nigel’s stewardship, he has first hand experience of the challenges business owners face.

Nigel says ‘I feel so privileged to have had career that has not only secured the families future but has been fun throughout. I consider it to be a paid hobby and totally agree with the expression, get yourself a job you love and you’ll never work again.’
Nigel Farr - CEO of London Hire Ltd
Matt Farr
With a background in business banking joined Farr Finance in 2013 to assist with the ever growing referrals and business opportunities. With a BA Hons in Business Management is able to use this knowledge and experience to understand business requirements and all financial aspects.

Matt says ‘if I can half the fun and enjoyment that dad has had in his career, I will be a happy guy!’
Matt Farr of Farr Business & Finance
Dawn Farr
Has been the rock behind Nigel’s banking career whilst bring up the family, Dawn is involved in making sure the admin side of the business runs like a well-oiled machine.

Dawn says ‘It’s great to support the boys and it never ceases to amaze me the wide range of opportunities they help business with’
Dawn Farr of Farr Business & Finance
Our approach
We have flexible arrangements. We are either paid by the funder of the project or we can enter into arrangements where we share the savings made on behalf of our customer. Where this is the case the customer typically receives 90% of the savings made or profit generated.

Business and solving problems are like paid hobbies to us! We never try to do deals just to earn fees. If we can’t deliver the best result, we will tell you as we don’t want to deliver any product or solution that doesn’t fit your business requirements.

Integrity, honesty, and doing the right thing are our guiding principles. Win / Win is an often used expression but we firmly believe it can be achieved.
We ensure that you win with our deals by using a different approach

No win, No fee
we don't charge broker fees