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Better Asset Finance

Finance solutions to help you grow your business
Get the equipment you need to grow your business. Spread the cost of equipment over the course of its economic life, you can avoid tying up your valuable working capital.
And with a range of finance options available including Hire Purchase and Lease, you can make regular repayments over an agreed period to suit your requirements.

Whatever your business needs, we can fund with bespoke terms that work for you.

Price is always a key decision maker, but is it the most important?

Suitability of products and understanding their impact on your business is key. In over 35 years in business and business finance we have never seen a company fail for paying 0.1% too much on their interest rate. I have however seen many struggle for inappropriate product selection and structure.

Whatever your business requirements and budgets we will tailor finance to your needs.

Whether this be low initial payments or variable payments to assist cashflow of seasonal businesses.

Asset Finance can be used to release working capital currently tied up in equipment using our refinance facilities.
If you’re looking to finance new or used assets or refinance to release equity
Buying or Refinancing assets
We are able to fund assets in all shapes and sizes. Some of the assets we’ve finance include;
Catering Equipment
Construction Equipment
Cranes, diggers, excavators.
Industrial Machinery & Equipment
Commercial Premises
Solar & Renewable Energy
IT equipment
Commercial vehicles
vans, trucks, buses, and coaches.
Tractors, combines and other farming equipment.
including imports from overseas.
Free Audit!
Not only will we ensure you’ve got the best deal, which could be your current quote, but will ensure it is structured right for your business.
Got an existing finance quote? Challenge us to see how much we can save you at no cost.
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