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With over 25 years in banking. A prize winner in the Finance & Leasing Association exams and current CEO of London Hire Ltd, and many other business interests, this is Nigel’s area of expertise.
Having tripled the turnover of London Hire to over £20m in a matter of years under Nigel’s control, he is well placed to help business owners overcome any challenge they may have. From seeking growth and expansion or struggling with day to day management and cash position.

In a position where Nigel overseas over 600 employees, operates a fleet of over 1,000 vehicles, with £10m being purchased yearly ensures a real empathy and understanding of the challenges and issues faced by our customers.

With a BA Hons in Business Management, including accounting, Matt is well on his way to being able to support businesses with business planning and financial needs.
It can be a lonely place as an SME Owner – who can I trust and share issues with?

In our experience the vast majority of SME owners have had no formal training in any of the key areas of running a business. That could be sales, negotiation, finance, recruitment and a whole raft of other issues.

Many owners find it a challenge to deal with banks and other professionals. They tell them the whole position and fear it might come back and bight them on the bum! Similarly, banks and other professionals ae reluctant to be too honest with their clients for fear of upsetting them and jeopardising their fee income.

We don’t do business coaching but have clear views on it’s pros and cons. We liken ourselves with certain clients to an informal non-exec position where we are able to mentor and give honest, realistic and constructive feedback specifically focussed on improving their performance and their business.

Coach v Mentor?
What is an entrepreneur?

Use our experience!

Interested in business support from an experienced CEO that has ‘been there and done it’?

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